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Broker Price Opinion Services

Mantovani & Lynch is in business to provide customers with peace of mind. Our Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) are a smart alternative to traditional appraisal products. They provide a professional opinion of property value delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Utilizing efficient technology, our broker price opinions are held to the utmost standards. Each BPO has to pass a thorough human review by an appraiser before final delivery to our customers.

Broker Price Opinion reports include information important to the due diligence process including: narrative comments related to local market conditions; immediate neighborhood characteristics; subject property condition; property images; and a map of the neighborhood with comparables to subject property. BPOs also contain analysis of three current listings and three recent sales of comparable properties and photos. Customer-specified data can also be included in the BPO. Final analysis of all applicable data results in the broker's conclusion of suggested list and sale prices.

The final analysis of all applicable data results in the appraiser's conclusion of a suggested list and sale price.

Fact: Mantovani & Lynch has a 100% completion rate on Broker Price Opinions.

Mantovani & Lynch offers Broker Price Opinions to real estate lenders, financial institutions, and Real Estate investors. With a variety of BPO and Asset Valuation Management (AVM) Products, Mantovani & Lynch will make every attempt to accommodate your specific valuation needs. In addition, CAM also offers a complete solution to REO management, marketing and disposition of single, multi-family residences, land, and commercial properties.

Brokers Price Opinion (BPO) Products

  1. Drive-By BPO - is the essential alternative valuation tool for financial institutions currently pursuing home equity lines of credit, refinancing, loss mitigation and collection efforts. Locally licensed real estate appraiser that know the local market trends commonly perform the BPO. This licensed real estate appraiser is also able to produce a more detailed observation of the valuation. The standard BPO guideline follows the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae valuations guidelines.
  2. Interior BPO - This 3 page report provides a detailed value of the property with interior and exterior photos. This report is similar to an appraisal but less expensive. Our clients commonly use this for Appraisals Reviews, and 2nd Broker Price Opinions.